The Benefits Of Domiciliary Care

By Our Family Home Care

Are you planning the care for a loved one, not sure whether to put them in a care home or to hire a care company to come out and look after them?  Well hopefully this is the right place for you, to find out the benefits of Domiciliary Care, what it means, and how our Director thinks it helps in the happiness of your loved one, and all from the comfort of your loved ones' home.

So what is Domiciliary Care? 

According to the department of health,NI, Domiciliary care is defined as the range of services put in place to support an individual in their own home. Services may involve routine household tasks within or outside the home, personal care of the client and other associated domestic services necessary to maintain an individual in an acceptable level of health, hygiene, dignity, safety and ease in their home.

So what are the benefits of Domiciliary Care?

"I feel that some of the benefits to home care, over going into a home are the following:

The main benefit is that you get to remain in your own home, with your own belongings, and at your own pace.  You are familiar with your surroundings, where the floor slopes or the ceiling gets lower, where your favorite cup is or where you hide the chocolate! We learn these about you and are able to apply your likes and dislikes to your daily routines.

You are not governed by the home's policies and procedures, meaning that if you want to put a photo up on your wall, you don't have to apply for this to potentially be refused.  In others words, we learn and follow your guidance, rather than you following ours.

You can eat when and what you want, although in a home, you do get a choice, It's often a smaller choice, and at the times they are governed by.  If you want your food an hour later, it is hard to achieve this with health and safety policies.  Although home care is governed by similar standards, knowing from the beginning that you want to wait a while, processes can be put in place to more easily achieve this.

Visitors are able to pop in when they want and not when It's visiting hours, this gives you the freedom to see your friends and family.

Finances can also be a big factor, with the average of 3 visits a day costing around £250 per week, compared to a home costing around £937 per week.  The benefit, however, is you have someone on hand 24 hours a day.

There are lots more but these are some of the main ones that people say."

Kim Keable director of Our Family Home Care on what she thinks the benefits of home care are.

Your Time, Your Care

One of the major benefits of Domiciliary Care is the flexibility that comes with it, you can choose the times we come in, it can be as much as you like or as little, it's your care after all. This helps you remain in control of your daily routine.

Staying Independent

The most important benefit of Domiciliary Care is that you or your loved one remain independent and in the comfort of your own home, Even if we come in multiple times throughout the day you're still in charge of daily routine from eating to sleeping and when we arrive and leave.

Long Term Financial Benefits

Due to the flexibility in the care you chose as mentioned above, you could save not just yourself but your family money over time. You pay for the care you need when you need, nothing more nothing less. However, it is always important you chose the right care provider.

Care to suit your needs

Domiciliary Care gives you and/or loved ones personalised one-to-one care and really makes you feel important, as the majority of the time you will have the same carer come to see you. This helps build up a good working relationship with yourself and to give the best personal care.

No matter what you and your loved ones choose to do when exploring their care options, it is important to gain an understanding of the benefits domiciliary care can offer. We always recommend looking up the benefits of any care options or even phoning up health professionals. 

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