Jelly Drops: Helping The Fight Against Dehydration in Dementia

By Our Family Home Care

One in five older people living in care homes does not drink enough fluid and a quarter of those living in their homes without a carer did not get enough to drink, research suggests. Figures presented at a Royal Society of Medicine (RSM) conference showed those with dementia were six times more likely to be dehydrated.

Jelly Drops is a company hoping to help fight these sats, with their creation to help assist elderly and dementia patients in a care home and those who receive care at home. Dr. Lee Hooper, from Norwich Medical School, University of East Anglia (UEA), told the conference that figures collected through her work in 57 care homes and 239 people in the community showed the risk of dehydration was higher in people taking more medications.

So how do Jelly Drops help those with dementia or those who forget to drink the recommended fluids, Jelly Drops are made of 95% water, providing a boost in fluid intake for those with dementia who struggle with hydration. They come in a range of bright, eye-catching colours and are presented in a uniquely designed transparent container, which helps the sweets attract the attention of people with dementia, who may otherwise forget about them.

Both the innovative packaging and the shape of the sweets themselves, allow them to be easily accessible, even for those who are less dexterous. This helps encourage an enjoyable habit of healthy snacking, which many find to be easy and enjoyable.

Even though they are made of 95% water, Jelly Drops don’t ‘burst’ as you may expect. We’ve specifically made them with a solid texture, but one that is still super easy to chew, unlike other sweets such as jelly beans or wine gums. Many people describe them as being a similar texture to traditional jelly.

Each tray (24 Drops) contains 300ml water. Many people find this the perfect way to increase fluid intake throughout the day, without relying on drinks alone.

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