England National Team Help Raise Awareness for Alzheimer's Society 

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Over the weekend (26th March 2022) the England football team played against Switzerland at Wembley Stadium running out 2-1 victors. The game was also in the limelight thanks to the partnership with Alzheimer's Society, The gesture is in recognition of the 900,000 people living with dementia

England started the game against Switzerland in the usual attire with names on the backs of their blue away kit, the same colour as the Alzheimer's Societies logo. However, in the second half of the game, the English players came out without names on their backs to show the harsh realities of dementia. 

Throughout the program on Sky Sports, the following video was played to send the message to the thousands watching that this is the daily life of the thousands who are affected by dementia whether that be caring for someone, a family member, or a sufferer of dementia,

Our carers face this reality day to day when going to some of our clients and it's something we as a company are trying to help and train our carers as much as possible, to help those affected. We also as a company try our best to work alongside charities in raising awareness and doing our best to help a lot more people understand the effects dementia has on a wide variety of people.

Kate Lee, CEO at Alzheimer’s Society: “As the squad walks out in these thought-provoking shirts, we hope it will get fans up and down the country to sit up and take note of the reality of living with dementia. Football should be unforgettable - I hope it makes a massive impact that ripples from the Royal Box to the stands and into homes across the nation, inspiring people to support our work to raise awareness and reduce stigma and help us make sure no one faces dementia alone.”

After the full-time whistle, the FA would go on to say that the match-worn shirts in the second half would all go on auction to raise money for the Alzheimer's Society, which would help thousands out with their day-to-day life and help with the understanding of Dementia. if you would like to donate money or even bid on one of the shirts then please follow the link below.

Auction Site: AS Wembley Event | Powered by Givergy (alzheimerssocietyinternational-auction.com)

If you would like to read more about the match and the partnership between England and Alzheimer's Society then you can read more here:

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